Title: Art Class -- Volume 1

Target Ages: Grade K - 8
Format: DVD
Price: $99.00 for the complete set of 9  

For this review, we received Volume 1: Art Lessons 1-4 of the Art Class DVDs. This DVD was entitled "The Basics." 

The DVD case tells us that
"Each lesson provides kids with progressive, hands-on tools to learn everything from basic art skills like perspective and shape before tackling tougher challenges and more advanced topics and techniques."
The first lesson was about the basic tools needed to draw.
The second lesson taught about the basic line and how lines are different.
The third lesson was on training your eyes and hands to work together to create contours.
The fourth lesson was on drawing what you see, not what you know. Just because you know a table has four legs, it doesn't mean you should show them all in your drawings.
The BONUS lesson was the chalk artist drawing a scene from another DVD from the same company.

The Queen's Assessment:
I really thought the prince and princess would enjoy this product. They have both been tapping into their creative sides for the past three or four months. They were really excited to see that we got an art video for review. We watched the promotional DVD together and they were ready to start!

For the first  lesson, they followed along and assembled their tools. The second lesson involved drawing the contour of an apple. They tried drawing the apple during the video session. However, they didn't want to practice enough to perfect their skill. The princess drew some more apples, but not by using the instructions given. The prince just gave up all together. 

I think that if your child is really interested in drawing and learning to draw better, this video may be helpful. For the child who likes to draw and just be creative in their own way, it may be challenging to do as the instructor says.

I really liked that the instructor wove Biblical messages into the lessons:


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Disclaimer: This was a review of my experience with the product described. I tried to give a complete and honest assessment. In order to review the product, I received a free trial of the program with no additional compensation. This in no way influenced my review of the product. The opinions expressed are my own and were not affected or edited by anyone prior to publishing.

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