Title: Latin Curriculum -- Latin's Not So Tough!

Target Ages: early elementary students, especially ages 6-7
Format: workbook, audio cd, and answer key
Price: The information that I received for review had a $32 retail value. Prices will vary based on levels and options chosen.   

Greek 'n' Stuff provided Greek and Latin curriculum for review by The Homeschool Crew. We were fortunate enough to get the Latin's Not So Tough Level 2 curriculum. As the company wrote to me, 
"Level 2 focuses on a thorough review of the Latin alphabet, diphthongs, and special consonant sounds (taught in level 1) followed by a core vocabulary of 50 Latin words."
We received the workbook, "Answers Only" Answer Key, and pronunciation CD.

The Queen's Assessment
I had some concerns about receiving this item for review. I thought the prince needed to have a better grasp of the English language before embarking on a foreign language ... just to avoid confusion of the two. I also thought it would add frustration to his learning day because we were starting with Level 2 and not Level 1. 

Was I ever wrong!

The prince loved this curriculum. He often asked to do it before his other subjects. 

The lessons started with a review of the Latin alphabet, diphthongs and special consonants. By lesson 5, we were learning Latin words! By lesson 7, my "puer" was calling
his dad an "agricola." (That would be my "boy" calling his dad a "farmer.")

The worksheets had matching, fill in the blanks, activities, and puzzles to re-inforce the new words and review the previously-learned words. You can see samples of the workbook pages here. The flashcards were really great for helping the prince to remember the Latin vocabulary words. He loved to see his stack of "correct" cards grow.

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Disclaimer: This was a review of my experience with the product described. I tried to give a complete and honest assessment. In order to review the product, I received a free trial of the program with no additional compensation. This in no way influenced my review of the product. The opinions expressed are my own and were not affected or edited by anyone prior to publishing.

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date Friday, April 29, 2011

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  1. Beth in NC
    May 3, 2011 at 6:19 AM

    I'm glad your son enjoyed it. Our daughter will start learning Latin in 2nd or 3rd grade (I can't remember exactly) at the Christian School she will attend this fall. :o)

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