The Prince is still coming up with the witty comments. 


This week, he was watching Sid the Science Kid. Prince Charming came in and and a conversation started about the show. I can't remember what Prince Charming said, but I said something about how Sid likes to learn. The prince said, "He's not real AND he's a muppet."


The big excitement of the week was the truck that Prince Charming picked up for a friend. We are babysitting the truck and Prince Charming will deliver it to his out-of-state friend in a couple of weeks. In the meanwhile, the prince is keeping a close eye on when the truck comes and goes. He has been airing it out and even checked under the hood. Then, he asked Prince Charming, "Why does it have a joystick?" I guess he was too young to remember Prince Charming's previous truck that had a manual transmission.

Several times, he asked about Prince Charming's previous trucks and why we don't still have them. So, we discussed trade-ins and why you don't keep everything. Prince Charming made some crazy comment about it being time to trade me in. The prince looked at me with wide eyes.

Me: Do you want to trade me in and get a new mommy?
Prince: (thinking)
Me: (indignantly waiting)
Prince: We'll come visit you at the orphanage.


I'm linking to Tiny Talk Tuesday so you can see what other cute things the children are saying. 

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date Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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