Title: Times Alive

Target Ages: 2nd grade +
Format: CD; downloadable program
Price: $48.95 CD; $44.95 download for Mac or PC

Do you remember being in about the third grade and having to memorize tables of multiplication facts? Maybe, you wrote them down over and over. Perhaps, you had to recite them to your parents or teacher. That was such a chore for me. 

Enter Times Alive!

The Times Alive program is a fun way to learn multiplication facts. The download program is based on the Times Tables the Fun Way book. Each multiplication fact is told in story and song. As the story is told, the student can read along. Each story is backed up with a catchy song and music video to re-iterate the lesson. Progress through the lessons are charted and tests are intermittent. The student can start or stop at any point they wish and return to where they left off.  

The Queen's Overall Assessment:
Since the prince is only in second grade, we have only had a brief introduction to multiplication. However, he loved this program. He could remember many of the facts later in the day and even several days later. The cartoons are entertaining and the songs are very catchy. 

Whether you have a visual, auditory, or kinetic learner, I think this program would be useful. I plan to use it again when we get to multiplication. For now, I think I'm going to go back and check out the Addition the Fun Way materials from City Creek Press. 

You can see some of the Times Alive videos on the City Creek YouTube Channel.

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Disclaimer: This was a review of my experience with the product described. I tried to give a complete and honest assessment. In order to review the product, I received a free trial of the program with no additional compensation. This in no way influenced my review of the product. The opinions expressed are my own and were not affected or edited by anyone prior to publishing.

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date Monday, January 31, 2011

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