I was never good at sports. I'm just not the athletic type. I don't even like watching sports. Well, Very Blessed Mamma over at Training Children Up For Christ tagged me. Now, I have been sucked in to a game of cyber-tag.

Here's how it works. I answer 8 questions and then tag 8 others and ask them 8 questions as well.

Here are the questions that I am to answer:

1. Why do you homeschool? When it was time for the prince to start Kindergarten, we didn't think he was ready. Compulsory age in our state is 7, so we decided to keep him at home and see how homeschooling would go. He had also been to speech therapy at the public school he was to attend. I was not happy with the level of security that I found there.

2. How do you make time for reading the scripture? Unfortunately, I don't find a lot of quiet time to spend in reading scripture. We use a bible-based curriculum, and I get a chance for discussion and reflection from that. I also joined First Place 4 Health through our church. It is a bible study weight loss class that meets once per week.

3. What is your favorite subject to teach to your children? I love reading with them. I don't love all the complexities of our language, but love helping them find joy in a book. Their imaginations can take off from there.

4. Do you like to cook? I like to cook, but I'm allergic to eating.

5. Do you have a home business? I guess you could say we have two home businesses. We have a service industry that puts Prince Charming on the road a lot. We also have a farm from which we sell 100% Grass-fed Beef and U-Pick Strawberries.

6. How do you incorporate family bible time? We use a bible-based curriculum. I like to include Prince Charming when we can, but mostly this is during school time. We use a bedtime devotional that the children love. We also discuss "what would Jesus do" when a situation arises that needs biblical direction.

7. Do you have a specific verse that you hold to for your home or homeschool? There is not one specific to our homeschool. For our home, there are probably many. We try to raise our children to be good Christians and good Americans.

8. What is your favorite thing to do as a family? Believe it or not, farm. During the summer, we like to go to the corner store (about 5 miles away) to get a cold drink and a snack. We, then, just drive around the farm looking at the cattle and the grass that they need to grow. The prince actually learned to count, by counting cows to make sure they were all there. The prince's favorite outside time is when he can help Prince Charming "do stuff."

Now, I'm going to tag these ladies. I hope they'll play along:

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Now, for the deep, dark secrets that I want to know:

1. Do you plan to homeschool "forever" or just for a season?
2. What is your biggest homeschooling challenge, and how do you handle it?
3. If you have multiple children, how do you find one-on-one time for instruction? (I mainly mean for younger children and reading.)
4. How do you find time for your own pleasure reading?
5. How do you find any time for yourself?
6. What is your favorite kid-friendly recipe? (you can just put the title, if you want -- I know where to find you ;) )
7. Why do you blog?
8. Boxers or briefs? Just kidding ... sweet or salty ... your favorite snack.

See, I told you I wasn't good at sports. This game of tag has taken me 5 days to do, and I still feel like I didn't make it worth the price of admission. Let's see if the folks I tagged can pick up the game.

The grass is green. It’s good to be

date Monday, October 18, 2010

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