Target Ages: K-3rd Grade
Format: Download
Price: $11.50

This is a 2-3 week unit study on maps. Students learn to read maps and draw maps. The lesson are integrated with Math, Language Arts, Bible, and Geography. The map lessons suggest purchasing additional workbooks, but lessons can be done without them. A section at the end provides additional lessons for older students.

The Queen’s Overall Assessment:
The unit is directed towards multiple ages. Since the prince is 7, I base my assessment on that age.

We used the program without the supplemental workbooks. We found the lessons to be a good foundation for map reading. We learned about directions of north, south, east, and west. We learned to read a compass and a map. We drew our own maps and learned that details are important. Along the way, we practiced handwriting, dictionary skills, reading, measuring, calculating, graphing, and reading. Fun crafts re-inforced the lessons learned.

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date Friday, October 15, 2010

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    WOW - short but sweet, and informative. Thanks!

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