It has been a while since I've posted any of my Tiny Talk Tuesdays. I hope I remember all of them to share with you.

Back in February, we were studying the Civil War. Coincidentally, some homeschool friends of ours were also studying the Civil War. They borrowed a chest of Civil War memorabilia and invited other homeschoolers to come for a day of sharing. Homeschoolers were invited to study about a figure during the Civil War, make a poster and speech about that person, participate in a debate about an issue relevant to the war, and have a re-enactment. Unfortunately, the prince had a fever the day before the event. So, we stayed home that day. 

As I was telling my father-in-law about the sickness and the missed event, he mentioned that his great-grandfather was in the Civil War. The conversation went like this:
Father-in-law: My great-grandfather was in the Civil War. He got shot in the back of the head.
Prince (indignantly): That's not fair.
My father-in-law went on to say that the Union doctors put a silver dollar in the bullet hole and put him in prison. We are still trying to determine why they would put a silver dollar in the wound.

Fast-forward to today: The students who made posters took them to a Civil War Era school in our town. The posters will be on display for visitors to see. Since we didn't have a poster, we met them there to see their posters and see the school for the first time. As they got their posters ready for display, we looked around. I pointed out some costumes and such that were on display. We started in the parlor and went to the dining room. When we got to the dining room, the prince became the tour guide. Gesturing to the exterior door, he said, "Mama, this is what they would called the 'back door.' "

I was looking at a poster on top of what I assume was the buffet for storing the precious china and silver. The princess noticed the key in the buffet. She said, "Look Mama. It is just like The Indian in the Cupboard." Yes, it was very similar to the key in the movie and only she would notice.


Last week, the princess had a birthday. She was really excited about turning 5. At one point, she asked if she could have some juice. I went to the pantry to get a new bottle of juice, and the conversation began:
Princess: Mama, there is some right there. (pointing to the kitchen counter)
Me: Yes, there is. I did not see that.
Princess: It's a good thing you have a 5-year-old to tell you.

Later in the week, we went shopping. As she trailed behind the prince and me, I kept hearing, '"Wait for the 5-year-old."


One day that week, the prince complained of his ear hurting. He kept touching it, and I decided that we needed to go to the doctor. Yep, he had an ear infection. While at the doctor, we saw several cute babies. During the visit to the pharmacy, we saw more cute babies. The princess has "baby radar." She can see them before I realize that anyone is around. On the way home, she said, "Country kids can track down babies by the sounds of their screams ... but not me. I can scream really loud." I'm not sure that it was a logical sentence, but true nonetheless!


I'm linking to Tiny Talk Tuesday so you can see what other cute things the children are saying. 

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date Tuesday, March 22, 2011

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  1. Mary@notbefore7
    March 23, 2011 at 10:50 PM

    Prince is a hoot! And I love "the five year old" who was trailing behind :)

    Happy TTT!

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