The Celiac Kid is a delightful children's book about celiac disease. Written from a child's perspective, this book explains celiac disease in simple terms that a child can understand. 

Written by Stephanie Skolmoski, the book begins by explaining that the boy with celiac disease is a "regular kid" who likes to do regular kid things. The only thing his body can't do is handle gluten. He has to be careful about what he eats so that his body can stay healthy. Luckily, the people who love and care for him are there to help. It explains how his body works and how he can work around special occasions with his own special treats.

Illustrated by Anneliese Bennion, the book has simple colorful drawings to help tell the story. The child telling the story is a Super Smart Celiac Kid and is portrayed with a star on his shirt and a super hero cape. What I like best about the pictures is that all of the children are smiling.

I loved the positive aspect of this book. It didn't just dwell of what The Celiac Kid can't do, it also said what he can do.

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date Thursday, March 31, 2011

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