Does anyone like to shop? I am more of a procurement-type person. I have a plan and how to accomplish it. I know what I need when I get there. I go to that department, retrieve the item, and move on. 

The prince, the princess, and I went to the mall (25 miles away) this week and made it out alive. I had a plan to go to the computer store, children's shoe store, and one other store for children's clothing. If no one melted down by this point, I thought I would scan the aisles in the mom clothing department. With two children in-tow, we rarely get that far in the process and this week was no exception.

Well, I may have found a solution to the melt downs ... shopping online. You can go shopping in your pajamas and browse all you want. If you can get free shipping, it is all the better.

I've had several things on my wish list and may have found a place to find it all. Have you heard of csnstores? They are a network of more than 200 stores. Surely, I can find what I need there.

I was looking for end tables to put in the children's new bedroom.
I'd really like to try some enamel cookware.
I'm down to only one baking sheet.
I've started trying to remember to wear an apron in the kitchen. I thought this one was cute. Notice the fringe?
I also would like to get new bedding and towels for our guest room.
Oh, and don't forget the chocolate!

I'm just trying to narrow down my list. I'm going to find something that I really like enough to order and tell you about. Go over to and tell me what you like. Maybe I'll pick it, and let you know how I like it. Just remember that it is my budget, and it's not huge!

The grass is green. It’s good to be


date Thursday, September 23, 2010

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