National Ag Week -- it is not a holiday declared by the Queen. It is a real-life program to recognize the importance and abundance of agriculture. National Ag Week runs from March 14-20, culminating in National Ag Day. Check for local events in which you can participate -- or just thank a farmer.

Ninety-eight percent of American farms are owned by individuals, family partnerships or family corporations.  Only 20 cents of every dollar spent on food go to those hardworking farmers and ranchers. (source: American Farm Bureau)

In addition to the food you eat and the clothes you wear, here are some ways that agriculture touches lives everyday. (source:
"Agriculture is Part of Your Life

Products we use in our everyday lives come from plant and animal byproducts produced by America's farmers and ranchers: - Health care: Pharmaceuticals, surgical sutures, ointments, latex gloves, x-ray film, gelatin for capsules and heart valves.

Construction: Lumber, paints, brushes, tar paper, dry wall and tool handles.

Transportation: Fuel, lubricants, antifreeze, tires and upholstery.

Manufacturing: Adhesives, solvents and detergents. Printing: Paper, ink and film.

Personal Care Products: Shampoo, cosmetics, lotions, finger nail polish and toothpaste. Education: Crayons, textbooks, chalk, desks, pencils and paper.

Sports: Uniforms, baseball bats, leather equipment and shoes."
  Some interesting numbers: (source:
"The Food We Eat

In 1996, each American consumed an average of 77 pounds more of commercially grown vegetables than in 1970, 63 pounds more grain products, 54 pounds more fruits, 32 pounds more poultry, 10 gallons more milk lower in fat than whole milk, 20.5 pounds less red meat, 73 fewer eggs, and 17 gallons less whole milk.

It takes just 40 days for most Americans to earn enough money to pay for their food supply for the entire year. In comparison with the 129 days it takes the average American to earn enough money to pay federal, state and local taxes for the year.

More than 96 billion pounds of edible "surplus" food is thrown away in the U.S. Each year. It is estimated that almost 27% of our food supply is wasted.

Americans are eating about 14 pounds of turkey a piece each year, more than double the rate 20 years ago."
This message has been brought to you by a fourth-generation agriculturist. Proud to be providing food and fiber to America and raising the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

date Monday, March 15, 2010

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  1. Ebuck
    March 15, 2010 at 8:19 PM

    Love the pictures! Very cute.

  1. Anonymous
    April 8, 2010 at 1:55 PM

    People seem to forget where their food comes from. Thanks for putting up some facts and keeping your ag heritage.
    Keep spreading the word about agriculture in the USA.

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