Title: Wits and Wagers Family
Target Ages: 8+
Format: Board Game
Price: $14.00

This review is for a board game by North Star Games. It is a trivia game based on another game by North Star Games ... Wits and Wagers.

The Queen's Overall Assessment:
We are not big gamers around here. The children just aren't to an age that they can play independently and independent is what they want to be! 

For the game, there is a set of trivia questions that have a number answer. Each person writes their number on a dry-erase card and conceals it from the others. After everyone has written an answer, the answers are revealed and lined up lowest to highest. Then, each person is to place their "meeples" (game markers) on the card(s) that they think have the best answer. The card closest to the correct answer without going over is deemed the winning card. A correctly-placed large meeple is worth two points and a correctly-placed small meeple is one point. The first person to score 15 points is the winner. 

We are not big trivia buffs. I was able to correctly answer some questions on kitchen equivalents and Thanksgiving trivia that we had just covered in school ... but we forgot to place our meeples before the answer was revealed and I got no points. The pop culture questions and historical trivia questions were just silly (sometimes correct) guesses. The princess practiced writing whatever number popped into her head and Prince Charming and the prince tried to fit as many zeros as possible onto their cards. We had fun family time, and that's what matters. I even caught the prince and princess "playing" the game the next day and making up their own questions and answers.

We'll be using this game more as time goes on. We'll just have to brush up on our trivia and maybe have friends over to make the teams more competitive. 

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date Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1 comments to “Wits and Wagers Review”

  1. Dominic
    December 15, 2010 at 2:59 PM

    I just want to add that you are not supposed to know the answers to any of these questions. That's where half the fun lies! Wits & Watgers is about taking a wild guess, then looking at the answers and who wrote them, and figuring out the best place to put your Meeples. More often than not, I am placing my Meeple on the person's answer who I think would give the best guess. So only a small part of this game is knowledge based. The bigger part of this game is social: how well do you know you friends and family?!!

    Dominic Crapuchettes
    Designer of Wits & Wagers

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